Podcast is about latest trends in Education Technology and associated innovations useful for education sector

Explore ways to manage exams or evaluation process for your students in the current era of covid19 social distancing using technology adoption and implementation


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Explore ways to conduct online proctored exams on mobile phones with facilities of a secure browser, exam cheating detection, detailed auditing. Explore how you can conduct proctored exams on a mobile phone in a secure manner. For details visit //www.eklavvya.com/mobile-exam-proctoring/

Explore how to manage the admission process of education institutions, university, or schools effectively in this COVID-19 era. We are going to discuss, how we can draft a powerful and effective admission strategy for and educational entity with the help of Online Admission Process.


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Various academic exams are getting canceled or postponed due to covid-19 outbreak. Academic institutes and universities are trying to identify new ways to complete academic years for schools, colleges, or higher education segment. 


explore 6 ways to secure your online exam using technology like proctoring, secure browser, audit logging process, audio and image proctoring. With Video proctored Online Exams, the overall exam activity undergoes end-to-end video surveillance; which ultimately leaves the candidate appearing for the exam with zero chances to cheat.

Explore how you can simplify educational academic exams with remote proctoring in Corona Virus or COVID19 spreading environment. Government is asking various entities are various organizations to work from home or even there is a shut down for Education institutions as well as universities. Education institutions or universities are facing a great challenge in terms of completing their academic cycle and conducting exams as well.

Do you know examiners or teachers spend a huge amount of time in the evaluation of answer sheets during their careers? Here are 5 ways to reduce the evaluation time of examiners using digital evaluation technology.

Explore the success story of the Global School Certification implementation of online exams for school students in international markets across multiple countries using an innovative approach of exam proctoring. Click for Details

Explore how to manage a centralized admission process (CAP) along with online counseling of the students for multiple institutes and thousands of students. Online System works seamlessly to simplify processes for students, college, registrar, university, admission committee. For More Details Visit

Trends of improvement in the educational or academic exam process with the help of technology and AI algorithms. AI is going to play a key role in simplification, automation, improvement of exam and evaluation process. Article Details

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